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Italian singers/songwriters, Jolie and the Key, are extremely passionate about the music industry, covering some amazing artists, like Major Lazer and Pharrell Williams. It’s not hard to see why we adore them so much!


FS: Hello everyone! Today we have an interview lined up with Italian singer/songwriter, Jolie, from Jolie and the Key! So tell us, where did the name “Jolie and the Key” originate from?

J: Nice question! The name “Jolie and the Key” originates from the combination of our individual stage names, me as Jolie, and he as The Key. This is the result of the binomial.

FS: Very interesting to hear that you’ve combined your stage names together! Was music always something you aspired to do though?

J: Yes, we both aspired to do music very early. I was 6 years old when I went to my first live performance, and he (The Key) has been writing and composing songs since he was 11 years old, so the answer is totally yes.

FS: Now, what was it like to work with Phonat on “Fire”?

J: I think Phonat is amazing. When I heard for the first time his work with “Fire”, I was falling in love with it from first note to the last, and sincerely, I’m still falling in love with this amazing song each time I hear it.

FS: Was there any sort of ‘nerves’ in the room though, as he is a seasoned producer?

J: No, we had fun, we were in the studio with Phonat, Hal Ritson, a musician and record producer, and Sam Grimley, one of the authors who composed the song. The atmosphere was comfortable, we had a coffee together and talked about the lyrics and the meaning of the track and then we recorded it.

FS: Any chance that you’ll produce for him again soon?

J: Yes we have some ideas about a new collaboration with him, so stay tuned to see what happens!

FS: Absolutely fantastic to hear! Any new tracks of your own on the horizon too?

J: For sure, we have a lot of tracks in the baggage! We’re working on those to explain better what we want to transmit. We have many things to say, and each song is about something important for us, so we hope someone will feel the same feelings we had when we wrote our songs. We’re not the kind of guys who want to teach something with our music, we just want to share our experiences.

FS: Deep thoughts there. Lastly, if you could bring back one artist from the dead to work with, who would it be?

J: If you say “One artist from the dead”, I definitely say only one name: Janis Joplin. I love her, I love her songs, I love her attitude, she brings me passion with every word she sang. She said that every concert was like “Having sex with her audience” and for me it’s the same, because music is something intimate, and it’s all about giving love, and I dream about giving love with her.

FS: It’s nice to see that someone’s so passionate about an artist, we all have that one person who we think gives life to us all. It was nice chatting with you though! Check out Jolie and the Key’s collaboration with Phonat here.

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Jolie and the Key



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