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Midnight Pool Party


Midnight Pool Party is a dance-funk duo based in Sydney, Australia. Known as the “deliverers of infectious modern-day disco grooves,” the artists team up to bring old school vibes into the contemporary era. With several internationally-recognized releases, Midnight Pool Party have a lot in store for the future!


FS: Today, we’ve got quite the treat for you! Sydney-based disco funk group, Midnight Pool Party, has stopped in to answer a few questions about their music, inspirations, and more. So, let’s jump right in! Where does the name Midnight Pool Party come from?

MPPWe wanted a fun name, but Pool Party wasn’t enough. Adding midnight to gave it a deeper emotional dynamic and a retro vibe.

FS: Very cool! We’re definitely keen on the retro vibe. So, your sources of inspiration – what, or who, are they?

MPPWe listen to a lot of music, but Disco/Funk music is a huge influence on our music. Especially, disco/funk music from the 70’s, like Earth Wind & Fire, Chic etc. They were pioneers in dance music and a lot of the elements in music from way back are still being used now. You can listen to any modern dance song and you can hear elements from disco music. We’re also inspired by a lot of Australian music/artists like Flight Facilities, Miami Horror, Rufus.

FSEver had writer’s block? What have you all done to overcome it?

MPPYes. The worst part is, you have no control of it. Different things work at different times.
Sometimes you just need to listen to other music and try to find inspiration.
Other times, you just need to put down the instruments and step away from the project you are working on for a few days. But, the main thing is to never stop! Write everything down, and record everything you come up with. If you don’t use it now, you might use it again later.

FS: Well then, imagine you’re all sitting in the studio and you’re about to start writing a new track. The first instrument/sound you go to is…

MPPGenerally, it would be piano or guitar. We normally start with a chord progression or a melody idea and build it from there.

FSTell us about your Aerial Love remix for Daniel Johns. What was it like producing it? How long did it take? What did he say when he first listened to it?

MPPDaniel Johns put out the stems of Aerial Love to the public and we love that song, so we downloaded them and remixed it. We’re not sure if he’s actually heard it, we hope he has. We haven’t had any direct feed back from him. But we are happy with the response that it got 🙂

FS: While we’re on the topic of your releases – you’ve been putting out some lovely tunes lately – your remix of Husky’s Break Free is phenomenal. What’s in store for the rest of the year?

MPPWe are working on new music and hopefully a few singles coming soon. Plus we are working on our new live show! so we are excited to get out and play.

FSLast question – if you had to listen to one album on repeat for the rest of your lives, what would it be? And, why?

MPPI think a compilation album of Michael Jackson’s songs because his songs are timeless and we admire his craft and innovation. You could listen to his songs in 100 years and they would still be cool, and thats something you want to aspire to do as an artist.

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Midnight Pool Party