Interview w/botaz


The electronic producer, botaz, is one heck of a musician. With releases on MonstArt and Beats, Banter and Bob being some of his main highlights, as well as his EP, “Void” – dazzling us all here! With new tracks on the horizon, he’s ready to dazzle us even more!


FS: What’s up guys? Today we have an interview with electronic musician, botaz! So tell me briefly, how did you get around to making music?

B: I got into making music in high school. I was really inspired by the cool kids, Lil Wayne, The Pack and a lot of other bay rap. I always loved the beats and decided to try producing my own. Eventually my interests evolved with time which lead me to what I make now. But that was definitely where it all started.

FS: It all starts with small beginnings yes! Have you got any tips for those “aspiring” producers out there?

B: Take the time to find your sound, and don’t confine yourself to a genre. Make what you want to hear.

FS: Can you describe your music as a person?

B: Honestly just like me lol. Wears it’s heart on its sleeve. Sometimes dark and melancholy, sometimes ready for the club.

FS: Now, what’s your opinion on the Soundcloud “fiasco” at the moment?

B: The takedowns? Honestly I think its lame given that Soundcloud started as an alternative for sharing and finding new sounds. Now with streaming getting bigger, labels want a part of the cut, and copyright is just a whole different issue entirely. Really all I can say is that while it does suck that bootlegs and remixes are getting taken down, this may force people to make more original stuff for the better. I can’t really see a negative in that, but it still sucks that some well-repeated people have had their entire accounts taken down.

FS: How long do you think it’ll take for another service to overtake Soundcloud?

B: A while. While these takedowns are unfortunate, Soundcloud is still the leading site for sharing and discovering new stuff. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

FS: We’ll definitely see what the future beholds for Soundcloud soon, that’s for sure. What would be your dream collaboration?

B: Brian Eno.

FS: Any new tunes in the works?

B: Got an EP cookin’! More on that soon.

FS: Lastly, you’re stuck on a desert and you have a cassette tape with a cassette player with you. The cassette tape contains the three songs you hate the most. What are they and why?

B: This is tough. There are songs I hate but none of them come to mind immediately lol. It usually has to do with a sound in it or something, like that old ‘ring my bell’ song, can’t stand the synth laser bell thing in it for some reason. Also the intro to Al Green – Let’s Stay Together bothers the shit outta me. No idea why. Makes me not want to listen to the rest of the song. As for a third… Probably that J Cole song where he raps about losing his virginity. That song is disgusting. I still can’t believe it gets aired on the radio.

FS: Some interesting choices there… Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us botaz! Check out his stuff below, including his track “Sol”!

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