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Oliver Nelson, is well known for his amazing ability to remix literally everything, EVERYTHING. He’s one of the best nu-disco musicians out there, and his new single Found Your Love is ready to hit soon. We couldn’t be more excited.


FS: Hello all! Today we’re pleased to say that we got to chance to talk to Swedish nu-disco musician, Oliver Nelson! So we’re gonna jump right in… What is it about the nu-disco genre that sets it apart from others?

ON: I think it’s great because it covers a lot of ground, at least in my opinion. Many nu-disco artists I meet or hear of, are always using new and different sounds to create tunes in some kind of way. I don’t see that in other genres really.

FS: So, describe to me the production process behind one of your tracks?

ON: I’m always building a whole new track based on the vocal of a remix. So I’m always thinking to myself that I’m making my own track, hehe. My remix of Ghost by Ella Henderson for example, I didn’t even listen to the original till after my remix was done. That’s a very creative and fun way to work.

FS: Speaking of remixes, which was your favourite track to put your take on?

ON: Wow, that’s a hard one, everyone is fun in their own way. But I recently remixed Blonde’s “All Cried Out“, and woow, what a voice to work with. Alex Newell did such a great job on that one, all of them did. That track just felt natural for me to remix, my vibe I guess.

FS: Now we all know that Soundcloud has been bringing down the ‘Hammer’ on certain artists due to copyrighted content, what’s your opinion on Soundcloud’s new copyright features?

ON: Well, I haven’t really had the experience yet of any of my tracks getting taken down or anything, but I think it’s sad as Soundcloud has been such an important platform for me as an artist and it would be sad for it to fall down.

FS: So you’ve been releasing remixes for a while now, any plans for a full-length album in the works?

ON: In the future, absolutely! I think I’ll stick to releasing my first EP first though. Found Your Love feat. Heir is my debut single too which is due to release in November 2015 this year. It’s almost got over 1 million plays on Soundcloud too which I am really excited about and thank everyone who has listened to it so far!

FS: Is there anyone in the music industry worth paying extra attention to?

ON: Yes, Tobtok. He’s a star already. Well he’s one of my best mates but still, he deserves it!

FS: Lastly, would you ever play the Boiler Room if you got the chance? (I know I would!)

ON: If I got the chance I would probably say yes, hah!

FS: It would be amazing to see you there! Thanks to Oliver for taking the time to chat with us! You can check out his new single Found Your Love below as well as his social media links.

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Oliver Nelson



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