My Dear – Better Dance [Music Video]

My Dear is a French duo composed of Romain Seo, known as Raw Man while working under Crydamoure, and his beloved Blanche Cabanel-Seo; slightly reminiscent of Eric Chédeville’s project Sixtine alongside wife and singer Mélanie.

Released in mid-June, Better Dance, with its irresistibly electric bass line and delicate indie-esque vocals to top, was offered the privilege of having an all-star music video directed by Daft Arts‘s Cedric Hervet, Paul Hahn and Warren Fu.

The story depicted is set in urban territory, switching from an energetic club scene to the POV of a female taxi-cab driver’s (played by Meagan Kong) with an uptight ponytail and miniature disco ball hanging from her rear view mirror, leading life as an unhappy single. I won’t spoil it by telling you how it ends, but all in all, it is a cleverly plotted piece of film complimented by a brilliant piece of French disco.

My Dear