Botnit & Future Holotape – Runaways

Today we’re going back a year with Botnit & Future Holotape’s synthwave sensation, Runaways.

Future Holotape is an LA based duo consisting of Ernest Mancia (vocals/keys) and Julie Chang (keys/synth-master). Having formed in 2012, experimentations with what they describe as “heavy-synth” music took place, and has since lead to mind-blowing conceptual visions for live performances and music videos featuring their prided plethora of analog synthesizers and drum machines.

Botnit, a similar act, is Boston-based Jim Govoni, who derives inspiration from predominantly the 1980s’. He combined forces with Future Holotape to create the masterpiece featured; showcasing nostalgia-provoking toms and snares as well as nothing short of magical synthesizer-fueled harmonies. Mancia’s vocals are cool and effortless, sitting comfortably amidst the spacious soundscape.

Rebellious teenagers with windswept hair kick back as their stolen Alfa-Romeo convertible cruises through a sunset strip is envisioned while listening; a scene straight out of a John Hughes film. Kudos to both artists for creating such a vivid and inspiring piece.

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Future Holotape



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