Busy P Gets Up Close And Personal With Fans

Busy P

About two years ago, Ed Banger label head, Busy P, tuned into Reddit for an insider-look at the recording label and more in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Not only did the former Daft Punk manager provide us with some insight about the label and its roster, but also the majestic Frenchman spoke about Club 75, Bruno Mars, and Daft Punk. Below, find some key topics from the Q&A session with the talented musician:

Q: Do you still listen to demos you receive or is it always through acquaintances and such?

Busy P: We receive too much demo, thank you internet : ) ! I prefer to meet or cross path with new artists to sign them most of the artist on the label are accident (good accident).

Q: What happend to Uffie?

Busy P: Uffie was an amazing project when it was about a little girl having fun with Feadz and Mr. Oizo. It was fresh and new in 2008. Then, it became bigger and with more people involved, then I lost control and lost the vibe. But, I’m sure she’ll be back with some more music on another record label.

Q: Is there any plans for a new SebastiAn album in the pipeline?

Busy P: Yes Yes Sebastian is working hard. He just produced an album for french singer Philippe Katerine you can hear it here.

Q: In like 06/07, Ed Banger was the fucking 1# label, nowadays, everyone is a producer, and can sell your songs by your own, and the game changes all the time, how you deal with that?

Busy P: We are a very small company so I can move fast and adapt myself to new business. Streaming seems to become the new business thing, so we put all our records on youtube for kids to listen and share we don’t make much money, but at least kids are discovering other things than the usual major acts.

Q: Would you ever consider signing an American act?

Busy P: Uffie was american. Yes yes anyone is welcomed on Ed Banger.

Q: What’s it like running a label?

Busy P: I’m a lucky bastard running my label is not really a job, I meet great artist(s) and spread their sound all around, we travel a lot and meet even more people. The most important for me is TO MAKE THINGS, having ideas is good, but making happened is gold.

Q: How has Ed Banger records handled situation of the similarities between Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” and Bruno Mars‘ song?

Busy P: Bruno Mars loved Breakbot’s song, so we take it as a compliment. He told us he did that song inspired by “Baby I’m Yours.” Breakbot himself is influenced by lots of old funk music.

Q: What was it like to manage Daft Punk and what is it like to currently manage Justice?

Busy P: It’s completely different 1996 and 2006 are 10 years away you see Daft was the time I learn. Justice is the time I run.


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