Le Knight Club – The Fight

Rumors have been floating about for months that Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel has allegedly taken on a solo project, as well as contributed to the soundtrack of “Gates of The Sun” by resurrecting his former band with Eric Chedeville, Le Knight Club.

As seen on a recent article on Daft Punk Anthology, the rumors have been deemed partially inaccurate. You can read more here. This track is unlike any of the material they’ve released before, emphasizing its already existing significance in terms of Le Knight Club’s artistic progression. The slightly eerie intro captures interest as it hooks listeners in with a hip-hop inspired downbeat and gentle synth melodies to surface.

The song’s duration is less than half that of previously released tracks, yet it still resonates in the memory long after; an ear-worm, perhaps. The comeback of Crydamoure is anticipated by hopeful fans, including myself. Sending good vibes and well wishes to Guy-Man and Eric on this groundbreaking venture!



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