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There’s one man who excels in the Disco-house genre time and time again, and that is the Canadian musician Laberge. Known for his tracks such as Cooly’s Groove and his rendition of Disclosure’s You and Me, he’s definitely the man you want to go for if you’re looking for an old-school vibe!


FS: Hi all! Today we’re here with Canadian musician Laberge for a cool little interview. So tell me, seeing as your music revolves around the disco genre, would you like to see it make a comeback?

L: Well as it stands now, Daft Punk released a full album of essentially modern disco music so I don’t think disco needs any comeback. If anything, it’s more popular than ever!

FS: Precisely what I was thinking! As well as this, what is it about the disco genre that inspires you?

L: Much like house music, disco is full of energy. I really just enjoy the way instruments are used in disco as well. The uplifting vibes of many disco songs make me smile and I feel that I could listen to it forever. Also when I talk about disco music it can include funk as well.

FS: Disco music has always been one of those special genres of music, a lot of inspiration gets drawn from the genre, which in a sense paves the way for some great tracks. Anyways, visiting your origins now… Where does the name Laberge derive from?

L: It’s my last name. I used to go by diizy but I didn’t feel that it would be easy to remember.

FS: Do you draw any inspirations from artists?

L: Many. Some of my big inspirations are people who make similar music to what I do, Kartell, Golf Clap, Sedat the Turkish Avenger, The Phantom’s Revenge and so many more. I also love the house sound of the early 2000’s so there’s tons of inspiration drawn from there too. Finally, all the music I collect inspires me too.

FS: Have you played any live sets? If so how were your experiences?

L: I’ve certainly DJ’d a lot but doing a live set is not something I’ve tackled before. Playing out is super fun though.

FS: As an avid vinyl collector, I particularly love how they’re coming back into fashion, what’s your opinion on vinyl? Do you collect any?

L: I don’t care much about resurgence in vinyl interest to be honest, if anything it’ll inflate the price of records. It’s tough though as it’ll also lower the cost of producing new vinyl if there’s enough demand for it. I have a very large disco/soul/RNB collection and to me I’m not likely to buy a reissue unless it’s well out of my price range. Buying new releases is dependent on who released it. I’ll buy an awesome track if it’s vinyl only for sure.

FS: Some interesting thoughts there, what artist would you be surprised at if they turned their hand to ‘disco’ style music?

L: I’m not sure to be honest. I’d love if anyone gave disco production a shot! I’d really love to hear a disco album from former Pendulum now Knife Party guys.

FS: Sticking with the theme of oddities, have you got any guilty pleasures? (there’s got to be one…)

L: Some, I love listening to older Axwell songs, really old Steve Angello is amazing. Also, I listen to a lot of RNB from the last 20 years or so, some great, some awful.

FS: Last question for you, is an album something you’ll ever consider?

L: If I wrote the entire thing myself (no samples) then yes. But I likely won’t ever stop sampling and I don’t like releasing paid releases that use samples, which is why I don’t have a lot of releases. So who knows, maybe I’ll make it a goal to release an album!

FS: We would love to see an album, yes! Thank you Laberge for taking the time to talk to us! Check out his tracks and links below:




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