Mr. Moustache – Mindstream EP

So French Records artist, Mr. Moustache, is helping the Parisian label celebrate their 5000th follower on Soundcloud by presenting us with a splendid, three-track EP! Titled Mindstream, the EP bridges across several gaps, delivering quite a soulful, multi-genre release from the brilliant Czech native. To be honest, we can’t pick a favorite from the three tracks (Ranger, Astra, and Ministry) – we love them all!

While Ranger follows suit with Mr. Moustache’s previous FR releases as a menacing electro ballad, Astra comes in on a lighter, funkier note, which we’re totally digging. Then, there’s Ministry – what a way to end it all! The third track finishes off the EP in stunning fashion, uniting both ominous and casual vibes all in one. Tune into the cosmic boogie-french electro EP, Mindstream, below: