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Pride isn’t your ordinary French electronic producer – blending references from pop culture and adding wicked samples from the most obscure of songs end up making him one of the most intricate upcoming artists on the block. With tracks, like Shinobi and J’me Casse, you can definitely tell that he has a bright future ahead of him.


FS: Hey all! Today we’ve lined up an interview with the sensational Pride! So tell me, how would you describe your own sophisticated sound?

P: It’s a blend of some genres that I love and personal references.

FS: It’s nice to have such a different mix of musical influences, it definitely opens up different doors to new samples and better opportunities for different tracks! Describe to us the process you go through to create a track?

P: It changes every time. Sometimes, if I find a sample interesting, I’ll start a new project, sometimes I find some chords that I want to work with but I’m really disorganized in the process because I work with all of the track at the same time.

FS: What can we expect from your next mix, Tome 6?

P: Lots of tracks that are really different from each other, and more quality I hope!

FS: Fantastic! We can’t wait for that! Have you ever played live and if so how was your experience?

P: Yes I played live for a year with an association in my city, but it was not really live, I wasn’t dropping my tracks so it was basically a DJ set. But it was really cool and I loved it! I hope to play live again soon.

FS: Here’s an interesting question for you: Do you think French Touch is making a comeback? Whats your view on this?

P: There’s a lot of talent in the electronic music industry in France, I’ve met some of the artists on the internet since I produce music like BASTION, H.A.L, TLM and a lot of others… I don’t know if French Touch is making something that we could call a “comeback” but there’s a lot of good artists, that’s for sure.

FS: I’d personally like to see French Touch make a comeback yes, it makes a change from the dreary, watered-down house tracks we have today! Do you have three tracks that you are currently listening to at the moment?

P: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love (20syl Remix)

Datassette – Floozen

Hoosky – Rush Hour

FS: What artists do you think have a lot of potential in the music scene?

P: There’s a lot who have potential: Uppermost, Drivepilot, Datassette, J.A.C.K and a lot of others. I really tried to choose one but it’s impossible!

FS: I particularly like Uppermost, his music is very good! If there was one label you could work for, who would it be?

P: I’d love to work with the French label On and On or Because Music, they are France’s two best labels in my opinion.

FS: Because Music is definitely a label to work for! Such good talent like Justice, Mr. Oizo and Para One have come from there. Lastly, what is your favorite French word?

P: Dieu.

FS: A very interesting choice. Thank you so much Pride for doing this interview with us! Check out his social network links below if you want to see some of his tunes:

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