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Waveshaper is a Swedish synthwave musician drawing inspiration from the golden age of the 80’s with nostalgic and retro sounds alike. With a new EP out on Rad Rush Records, he’s an artist to keep an eye on…


FS: Hey all! Today, we’ve lined up an interview with synthwave musician Waveshaper! Let’s jump right in. So, how did you stumble into making electronic music?

W: I always listened to electronic music, from Kraftwerk to The Prodigy. It’s a big genre with a lot of areas to express your creativeness.

FS: I’ve always liked the greats such as The Prodigy and Kraftwerk, such good artists! Where exactly did the name “Waveshaper” come from?

W: Hehe, I had like 10 different name ideas when I started the project. I ended up on Waveshaper. Sounded kinda cool, and its a parameter found on the synthesizer – ‘Wave shapes’

FS: Talking of synthesizers, why have you chosen to make music on the synthwave sound in particular?

W: Well. I am heavily influenced by 80’s movie soundtracks, the sounds from movies like The Terminator, Blade Runner and Scarface. Mix this and 8-bit video games and Amiga/Atari stuff and this is pretty much what I grew up on. Now, my music is taking influences from that era mixed with modern elements especially from the French EDM scene.

FS: I’ve always found the synthwave genre so intriguing…anyway! Explain to us the process you go through making one of your tracks?

W: I usually start with trying to get the DNA for the track. Usually working with some of my analog synths. The Roland Jupiter 4 is a great way to start getting creative. Apart from that it is also great to start with the drum beat as a ‘spine’ and you add some interesting basslines from there you know? I am quite picky with sounds, so I put a lot of time into engineering sounds.

FS: What are your 3 favourite tracks at the moment?

W: That’s a hard one…

I have been listening to Chromeo a lot lately, sweet electro funk/wave.

1. Chromeo – Lost On The Way Home (feat. Solange)

2. Chromeo – Hot Mess

3. Carpenter Brut – Turbo Killer

FS: I have quite the taste for Chromeo as well, especially their latest album White Women! Is there a chance of a new album coming out soon?

W: Yes. Actually I have got a lot of requests to put out The Engineer and other Soundcloud tracks on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes etc. So at the moment I am working on compiling an album with old and new tracks. Hint: There will be an The Engineer Part 2 on it. Besides album-making I have got some opportunities to make some music for video games and indie movies which I find very fun to work with.

FS: As an avid video-gamer, myself, it would be amazing to see one of your tracks, if not many on a video game! Last question for you, what’s your favorite Swedish dish?

W: You know, many people connect Swedish food with Ikea meatballs… I like the stuff from the sea, smoked salmon, shrimps etc. There is a dish called Toast skagen, which I enjoy a lot. But, to be honest, pizza, kebab, tapas, Italian, Indian, and Asian is much better.

FS: You’ve gotta love a bit of Ikea now and then! That’s all folks, check out Waveshaper’s Facebook and Soundcloud down below!

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