Interview w/Futurecop!



Futurecop! is a musical group based in Manchester, United Kingdom, created by Manzur Iqbal & Peter Carrol. It involves retro synthesizers, computers and concepts such as nostalgia, dreams and fantasy. The project started in 2007 with no previous knowledge of music production. Both music enthusiasts, Manzur grew up with indie, whereas Pete grew up with dance music. However it was their love for nostalgic 80s / 90s that created their friendship, which later evolved into Futurecop!


FS: Hey all – today, we have UK-duo Futurecop! If you’re into 80s synths and retro music, you’ll definitely love this! So, let’s get to it, shall we? When did the Futurecop! project start and where does the name come from?

FC!: Around 2007 and for the name, well, we are still trying to understand it ourselves.

FS: Haha, very interesting. Well, how has your vision for the musical project changed from when you started to now?

FC!: Well, it hasn’t “changed,” rather I would say it has been enhanced more. When we first started we knew vaguely it was something to do with nostalgia, and ever since then, we have been discovering it ourselves by making more and more music.

FS: We’ve been following you for quite sometime, and we agree. It has enhanced! Your sounds are very diverse, and we love tuning in. Can you name off your three biggest inspirations, thus far?

FC!: Well, my music taste is different to the music we make. Futurecop! is inspired by old music, movies, or cultures that maybe a child once loved, so it can be The Beauty and The Beast song, The Never-Ending Story, or even Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder’s relationship in the early 90s, so, there are far too many to list. However, growing up, I was a massive fan of Weezer, Pavement, and Funeral for a Friend.

FS: Hmm, have they helped you shape your musical career? At all?

FC!: If you see the above, well, not as much as I think, however, nostalgia has and understanding adult’s childhood and environments. I guess the feeling is more important and the only instrument I had was a synthesizer.

FS: I guess that leads us to our next question. Since we just discussed your musical inspirations of the past, what artists are “doing it right” in the scene right now? Who are your favorites?

FC!: Not sure what you mean by “doing it right,” however, I love the new records by Rise Against and Angels & Airwaves. We also have our own record label called We Are The Future, releasing dream pop, synthwave music, so anyone from there really.

FS: Very awesome! We’ll definitely check it out! [Click for info on their label, We Are The Future]. Lastly, any plans for the Christmas holiday? Music-wise and personally?

FC!: Fun with Friends and Family. We are quite busy working on opening our first burger joint / cafe, located in a town called Alderley Edge in Cheshire, UK. It’s a new venture we are doing called Tomfoolery at 34, its very Futurecop! and hopefully should be opened early next year.

FS: Nothing wrong with enjoying some quality time with friends and family. And please, let us know when Tomfoolery at 34 opens! We’d love to make a stop by and catch up. Well, there you have it! Thank you so much Futurecop!!

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