Busy P’s Still Busy EP


Back in 2013 Pedro Winter released his ‘Still Busy EP’ consisting of 2 main tracks with 4 variations.

‘Still Busy’ features the New York born artist and producer Thunderbird Gerard providing rhymes and lyrics to a great tune which would later feature on ‘Ed Rec Vol. X’. Among this Maelstrom and Parris Mitchell both implement fantastic remixes.

‘This Song’ featuring vocals from the Australian Andrew Woodhead who has done graphic design for some of Ed Banger Records front covers, the song takes on a 70’s psychedelic touch as well as the music video that goes with it very nicely. Among the remixes lies one which has been ‘suicided’ by none other than Xavier De Rosnay and sure as hell he absolutely demolishes the track!

Overall Busy P is Still Busy… Busting out them sweet tunes.


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