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Hey all – time to get serious for a minute. In the midst of all this great music, phenomenal producers, and great festivals, we all have our “real” lives to tend to. For some, music provides an escape. For others, maybe it’s just something to help the day move by a little faster. Regardless, within our respective music scenes, we’re all here to support each other.

Recently, the Australian indie dance duo, the Bag Raiders, took to their Facebook to share some news about their Synth Tech who is going through quite bit of trouble at home due to looming medical bills. Here’s the deal:


“My wife, a licensed psychotherapist has been suffering for about 8 years from a host of medical problems, only some of which have been resolved. Right now, as I write this she is once again hospitalized with complications from a recent surgery. That surgery was to prevent the highly possible total paralysis (from neck down) due to cervical spine issues, which is only one of her current medical problems. She had undergone a 4 level fusion of her neck 2 weeks ago, and within 3 days of being discharged developed her 10th case of pneumonia in less than 2 years. These hospitalizations, surgeries and recovery periods have financially destroyed us to the point of being served eviction notices at the home we rent (we no longer own a home), the inability to pay utilities, and much more.

Since we are both self employed, when we miss work, it immediately causes us harm. She can’t, of course, drive a car, and hasn’t since 2002. Consequently, I have added the day to day responsibilities of marketing, errand running and ALL associated tasks required to run the household. She can’t be left alone for more than a few moments without risk of her falling, or having her oxygen intake drop to unhealthy levels, which, in the past have done some degree of cognitive impairment. It’s not yet established what degree of this is permanent.

Wendy, (my wife) has helped a great many people over the years to stay married , resolve conflicts with friends, family, prevent numerous suicides, and yesterday, while suffering in great pain from her neck surgery, was actually giving therapy to one of the nurses who was assigned to her care! She has been known to do this on many occasions, and does see clients either for free, or a lower rate whenever they are having financial difficulties. In short, she’s a giver. Neither of us have EVER asked for help in all our nearly 30 years of being married. But now, there’s nowhere else to turn. We have exhausted all else we can think of, before arriving here, at this level of desperation and fear.

We are asking to pay the next 2-3 months of our living expenses only, for Wendy to recuperate, and for us to get back on our feet, to again give back to the world.”

Now, though we personally DON’T know the Synth Tech, we DO know that it’s only right to try to help out. Why? Without question, it’s just the right thing to do. This guy is busting his a** for both him and his wife of 30 years! You can tell they’ve been through a lot. Like he said, he’s exhausted his resources. It’s your choice to believe or not, but we’re going to spread the word and we hope you do too.

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